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EASY 12&16 series


Surface Grinder EASY-1224NC
  • Designed specially for mold and high-tech electronics industries.
  • The base features strong saddle type structure that provides steady support.
  • Double V design of the base slideways also raises the supoprting stability.
  • EASY Series hydrodynamic spindle are available on demand.
  • The machine is equipped with a PLC control in combination of color touch screen and user-friendly surface. Operator can easily set up the grinding amount and the machine will be ready for a grinding cycle.

Standard Coolant Tank

Standard Grinding Wheel w/Flange

Working Light

Leveling Screws w/Blocks

Balancing Stand w/Arbor

Wheel Extractor

Operation Manual w/Part List

Tool Box w/Adjustment Kits

Diamond Kit w/Holder

Splash Guard

Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Tilting Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Cooland and Dust Collector

Dust Collector

Hydrualic Parallel Dressing Attachment

Automatic Dressing Attachment w/Compensation System

Angle Dressing Attachment

Inverter for Wheel-head Spindle

Auto Demagnetizer

Manual Demagnetizer

Opitcal Scale

Full-Closed Splash Guard

Oil and Mist Separator

Spare Wheel Flange (5")

Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter

Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator


Rotary Table

Demagnetizer (Hi-Power)

Demagnetizer (Standard)

Electromagnetic Chuck (Fine Pole)

Radius Dressing Attachment

Parallel Dressing Attachment (Manual)

Scope Type Dressing Attachment

Dual Sides Dressing Attachment

Roller Type Balancing Stand




General Capacity

Table size

mm 300x600

Max. grinding length

mm 600

Max. grinding widt

mm 300

Distance from table surface to spindle centerline

mm 550

Standard mag. chuck size

mm 300x600
Saddle/Column moving per Saddle

Longitudinal Movement X-Axis

Table speed (Infinite variable)

m/min 3-25

Cross Movement Z-Axis

Manual travel

mm 370

Rapid travel approx.

m/min 0.5-1

Automatic increment feeds

mm 0.5-8

Handwheel per graduation

mm 0.02

Handwheel per revolution

mm 5

Vertical Downfeed Y-Axis

Rapid travel

mm/min 190

Automatic downfeed

mm 0.001-0.03

Handwheel per graduation

mm 0.01/0.1/1 (MPG)

Handwheel pre revolution

mm 0.1/1/10 (MPG)

Grinding Wheel

Wheel size (ODxWxID)

mm Ø355x50xØ127

Spindle speed (60Hz)

rpm 1800


Spindle motor

HP 5

Crossfeed Z axis motor

kw 0.2

Elevating Y axis motor

kw 1

Hydraulic motor

HP 2


Net, approx

kg 3000

Gross, approx.

kg 3200

Packing Dimensions


mm 2850x2250x2490