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Rotary Grinder EHR-32
  • Precision grinding machine
  • Surface finishing to mirror class
  • Automatic trim compensation
  • On line spindle vibration monitor
  • Machine bass fully supported design creating high rigidity structure
  • Y,Z and rotary axis driven by AC servo motor
PLC Controller + Panel Grinding Wheel
Magnetic Chuck + Demagnetizer Wheel Flange
Tools & Tool Box Working Light
Balancing Stand w/Arbor Diamond Dresser
Leveling Screws w/Block Coolant System
Rotary Worktable Coolant Tank
Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator Coolant System w/Paper Filter
Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter Oil Mist Separator
Inverter for Spindle Motor Electromagnet
Optical Scale and Display Online Wheel Balancing System
Diamond Dresser Chiller for Spindle
Dia. of worktable mm 800
Magnetic chuck max. grinding diameter mm 425
Distance from worktable to spindle center line mm 500
Rotation speed rpm 10-80
Worktable horse power kw 4.5
Spindle motor HP 15
Spindle speed rpm 1450/1750
Auto infeed servo motor - Servo Motor 1kw
Grinding wheel size (OD x Width x ID) mm 405x50x127
Vertical downfeed handwheel (per revolution) mm

x1, x5, x10(MPG)/0.1, 0.5, 1

Vertical downfeed handwheel (per graduation) mm x1, x5, x10(MPG)/0.001, 0.005, 0.01
Net weight kg 6200
Gross weight kg 7000
Packing dimension (LxWxH) mm 2800x2100x2500
Worktable max. load held kg 500