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EGH series


Center Hole Grinder EGH-1015
  • The quality of cylindrical grinding will depend on the center hole circular geometrical accuracy.
  • Based on three-axis simultaneous grinding action , grinding out heterogeneous pattern.
  • With exclusive 3D design of synchronized grinding motion ,the machine will be very stable and automatically locates center.
  • Grinding wheel spindle head is a combination of the spindle head, planetary motion mechanism, wheel spindle , dressing device and spindle motion mechanism.
  • Conical type wheel dressing device
  • Automatic workpiece clamping simplify the setting job.(can be based on processing needs and provide different clamping devices)




Diameter of workpiece

mm Ø5-Ø150

Length of workpiece

mm 50-1000

Max. weight of workpiece

kg 100
Grinding Capacity
Cone angle of center holes deg 60

Diameter of grinding wheel

mm Ø2-Ø50

Planetary axis stroke

mm 1.5

Grinding Spindle

Diameter of grinding wheel

mm Ø25

Speed of grinding wheel

rpm 8000-20000


Grinding wheel motor

- 220V/1.5HP/3ph

Planetary axis motor

- 220W/100W/3ph

Dust collector motor

- 220V/0.5HP/.ph

Vertical Downfeed

Max. stroke mm 200

Micro feed (handwheel per revolution)

mm 0.125

Micro feed (handwheel per graduation)

mm 0.0125

Dressing Device

Diamond dresser

mm 80

Handwheel per revolution

mm 1.5


Power source

- 220V, 50/60Hz, 3ph

Electric power

KVA 1.5


Net weight (approx.)

kg 700
Gross weight (approx.) kg 1000

Packing dimension (LxWxH)

mm 1760x1030x2210