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EYSL Series



CNC Lathe-EYSL Series:EYSL-15
  • Servo Turret
    Servo turret tool disk is driven by servo motor to ensure high positioning accuracy. 3-piece curve coupling device is driven by hydraulic cylinder. These ensure fast and accurate too changing operation.
  • 45゜Slant Bed Structure Design One-Piece Fabricated – Optimal Rigidity Performance
    The 45゜is one-piece fabricated from Meehanite cast iron, and the stress is relieved for deformation-free. Boxway design for both X and Z axis, suitable for heavy turning operation. The bed is analysised through Finite Element Analysis software to optimize rigidity and minimize structural deformation
  • Hydraulic Tailstock
    The hydraulic tailstock Quill movement is driven by hydraulic power, it makes workpiece holding more convenient and secured
  • High Rigidity Spindle Head
    Self-design and self-assemble spindle head has outstanding rigidity and stability for heavy turning operations.
  • Manual/Automatic Tool Presetter (Optional)
    Tool presetter is very convenient for tool breaking check and too wear out compensation.