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CNC Centerless Grinder ECG-2408CNC
  • Easy operating control system
  • Highly vibration resistant hydrodynamic spindle design
  • The workhead spindle is driven by belt and the design offers speed-change options. The tailstock is modified as one-shaped high rigidity design and equipped with MT4 center tip.
  • The Auto Cycle Start and Rapid Back Button are embedded to increase efficiency and safety for operation.
  • CNC Control System: ECG-CNC Series are all equipped with Fanuc control system to carry out fully-automatic process such as continuous wheel dressing and auto-compensation. Operator can also set up high precision grinding procedure by using digital readout feedback system. (Opt.)
Grinding Wheel with Flange Regulating Wheel with Flange
Wheel Extractor Maintenance Tool & Tool Box
Diamond Dresser Leveling Bolts with Blocks
Thrufeed Blade Thrufeed Workrest
Operation Manual and Part Lists Automatic Lubrication Device (For Spindle)
Manual Type Oil Pump (For Slide) Coolant System
Infeed Workrest Balancing Stand
Spare Wheel Flange Auto Vibration Feeder
Input Rail & Output Rail Hyd. Forming Attachment
Auto Loading for Thrufeed Auto Loading/Unloading Attachment for Infeed
Electrical Ejector/ Air Ejector Hyd. Auto Infeed Attachment
Outgoing Conveyor & Receiver Forming Plate/Arbor/Bar
Special Thrufeed Workrest Infeed Blade (Various Sizes)
Thrufeed Blade (Various Sizes) Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter
Coolant System w/Magnetic Separator Coolant System w/Paper Filter